Welcome at KIN-MA Company’s website. !

We are on market since 2000.

Our company specializes in production of insoles with various application. Starting with insoles destined for winter for example: fleece, coconut with sheep wool and insoles for autumn like antisudorific, sanitized, leather, cork, profiled and much more. In our offer, you may also find summer insoles e.g. quill brush, leather, mint. Furthermore, we provide accessories like gel half-insoles, insole for heel, and big assortment of shoe-laces.

In our assortment you can find accessories for beauty parlour. We produce disposable flip-flops and separators for pedicure. Additionally, we offer tunics for modality on body, caps for hair etc.

Our company is still developing. We face our clients because we want to live up to their expectations. We provide timeliness and replete professionalism.

We invite for the cooperation !